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Auctions have been used for centuries to sell nearly anything imaginable, and time has only made them more popular. Buyers bid on merchandise such as antiques, household items, electronics, office equipment, farm machinery, vehicles, and even livestock. Many people also buy and sell land and homes at auctions.

If you are considering holding an auction or having estate sales in nc  you will attract a lot of interested buyers if you select an auctioneer who does on-line auctions.  These auctions not only attract local bidders but potentially millions of bidders around the world!  Buyers also get a chance to find bargains and locate unique items.

You will need to hire an auctioneer who can organize the event. These auction experts handle hundreds of details, including marketing, and make sure that clients get the best prices for their items. The prospect of finding an auction professional may seem overwhelming, but it can be quick, interesting, and transparent if you follow a few guidelines.

Create a List of Items to Be Sold

Begin by listing everything that will be auctioned. This inventory can be very detailed or just a general record of merchandise. An inventory helps to determine exactly what kind of auction expert you will need since professionals in the field generally specialize. One of the first things an auction specialist will ask is, “What are you planning to sell?”

If the list includes high-value merchandise, such as items sold at an estate auction, it is a good idea to provide as much detail about those objects as possible. It also helps to take photos of assets as you list them since this can help auction professionals.

Decide on a Timeframe for the Auction

Think about the timeline for your event. Will you be auctioning items in a week or months from now? Having a schedule in mind creates a much smoother process. When you begin working with an auction professional, they will ask questions about the timing of plans, and providing definite dates helps them organize.

Determine Your Level of Involvement

Auction organizers will also want to know how involved you want to be in the process. For example, auctioneers in Raleigh typically ask whether clients need routine updates every step of the way.

Some clients want to make arrangements and then leave everything to the experts, while others need all the details. Auction specialists will happily share as much or little detail as clients want.

Identify Key Decision Makers

Anyone who will make selling decisions about auctioned items should be identified and present early in the planning stages. While some auctions or estate sales  are planned by a single person, others require input from spouses, business partners, or other parties. Having interested parties present when planning starts eliminates the need to hold a series of meetings to get their input.

Prepare a List of Questions for Auction Professionals

You will undoubtedly have many questions about the auction process, especially if you have never planned one before. Making a list of questions you have for auction professionals will help make the process more organized.

Be sure all of your questions have been answered before signing a contract. Experienced, skilled auction specialists are happy to provide answers. They are also likely to make points you have not considered.

Make sure to ask about:

  • The contract. Ensure you understand all details regarding the company’s written proposal or contract.
  • Marketing. Ask how the event will be marketed. Expert marketing is key for a successful auction.
  • Setup and cleanup. Be clear about who takes care of these critical steps.
  • References: Ask for references and carefully check them out.

Use Industry Resources to Hire an Expert

After carefully preparing to hire an auction expert, you can use the National Auctioneers Association’s Find an NAA Auction Professional tool to locate experts in your area. This tool allows you to search for professionals by specialty and location.

Auction professionals typically provide services over wide geographic areas, so you can find candidates using regional and state searches. You might also find experts advertised in emails, on the internet, and in publications. Before calling any of them, check to make sure their ads include a National Auctioneers Association logo. In fact, ensure that all prospective candidates are members of the association.

Carolina Auction and Realty have been serving North Carolina residents for over 20 years. Company president Tom Jordan is a member of the National Auctioneers Association and many other industry organizations. Tom is fully licensed in three states and has won numerous awards in his field.