Generations at Raleigh, NC Auction - Carolina Auction & Realty

Consider this: four people, one from each generation, agree to meet at a auction. They are going to pool their money together to bid on an industrial plant and all the equipment that is up for auction. The Silent Generation (1925-1942) insists on setting a time and place for the rendezvous. The Boomer, (1945-1964) running a bit late, calls one of the others on her cellphone, and asks that everyone be informed about her delay. The GenXer, (1965-1980) texts the entire group every few minutes with updates on his estimated time of arrival. The Millennial, (1981-2000) doesnโ€™t show up at the meeting place. According to this website, When he catches up with the group an hour later, he is puzzled at their irritation. After all, he tweeted his change of plans, posted a picture of what he was doing instead on Instagram, and was easily locatable via GPS. What was the problem? I have already text our max bid on the online bidding platform and I just received a text that we where the high bidder at the auction. Lets go see what we got! At Carolina Auction & Realty we work with all Generations. We can even receive text for bidding online.